Tasty Taters


Burlap Bag of Dehydrated Idaho® Hash Brown Potatoes, Potato Soup Mix, Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, Our Unique Idaho Fry Sauce, a Tater Topper, and a cute little potato scrub brush so you’ll have something to remember it all by!

  • Burlap Bag of Idaho® Hash Brown Potatoes – 6 oz
  • Spuddly Potato Scrub Brush
  • Chocolate Covered Potato Chips –  3.25 oz
  • Taters Fry Sauce – 12 oz
  • Taters Idaho® Potato Soup
  • Taters Garlic Pepper Topper or Dip Mix



Additional information

Weight 6.0 lbs
Dimensions 13.25 × 10.0 × 4.25 in